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Bridging funding and second charge loans are proving increasing popular for a regular yet specific set of circumstances. Whether it be a time pressured Auction purchase, refurb opportunity or a need for further funds without relinquishing a lucrative existing mortgage, there may be solution available.

Second Charge Mortgages
Typically borrowers consider a second charge mortgage when they are:
  • Committed to a fixed rate mortgage rate with early redemption penalties
  • Benefiting from an existing low mortgage rate but wanting to raise capital
  • Offered a further advance that has a higher rate
  • On an interest only mortgage
  • Wanting to raise funds for business purposes, including buy to let mortgage deposits
  • Paying a tax bill
  • Have a history of poor credit and want to retain their current mortgage
  • Recently self-employed, retired or attract income from multiple sources.
Carbon has a formal relationship with a 3rd party Company that specialise in this marketplace.  We work with them constantly to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible solutions to their requirements.

Bridging Loans
Similarly, where a client’s bridging requirement falls under a regulated requirement, we introduce them to the same 3rd party referred to above who provide excellent knowledge and service.

Conversely, where the requirement is outside of the regulated sphere, such as land or commercial, Carbon has longstanding relationships with a wide range of institutions and private lenders in what is now a very dynamic marketplace.

Typically borrowers consider bridging finance to:
  • Avoid a chain break
  • Capital Raise for business purposes
  • Acquire land
  • Refurbish / remodel property prior to refinance or sale
  • Purchase lease extensions
  • Purchase at auction
  • Purchase at below market value
  • Avoid Repossession prior to sale of a property.
The approach we outline above ensures our clients benefit from sector specialists as well as our own nurtured relationships.