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Mortgages in excess of £2m are a specialist area, a niche in which Carbon has had a strong presence since our inception in 2005.
We handle some of the largest property loans in the market.  Listed property in Prime Central London, new build properties in the private estates of the Home Counties, or even the Country Estate with agricultural restrictions are all familiar to us.

We handle a mortgage in excess of £10m loan amount on a regular basis.

In the majority of cases, we end up working with one of the many Private Banking relationships that we have nurtured over time.  Some of these are global brands, and others are much less well known.

We are able to ensure a Lender understands our Clients sophisticated structures and strategies, in relation to income and wealth preservation.
A regular challenge is that a Client with a borrowing requirement finds the Lender is more fascinated with bringing on board AUM and a wider relationship. Whilst we can assist in shaping these relationships in the right order for our client, we also have a number of routes that are purely transactional lenders in the large loan market.

Carbon is also familiar in working with the CFO, or family office representative, of UHNWI’s to arrange a solution on behalf of the ultimate client.