Carbon reaffirms expertise with residential portfolio restructure

Published: 14/04/2021 By Carbon FC

Carbon were instructed in the autumn of 2016 to structure the refinancing of a 28 unit residential property portfolio valued close to £13mil. The client was looking to incorporate the portfolio into a limited company to mitigate the imminent changes to income tax when property is held in personal names. The clients wished to raise the LTV to 55% on a primarily interest only basis with a very shallow repayment profile. This requirement was achieved as was a gross interest rate of less than 3%.

This particular portfolio was held in 7 individual family members names so the circumstances involved in such a refinance were particularly complex.

Coordinating 7 individual parties to comply with and conform to the necessary process and paperwork required the diligent and focused support of our administrative team.

Couple this with the fact there was a timeline to work towards, as a number of the units had lease extension requirements due to short leases and had to be simultaneously completed.  This was to satisfy the Lender and meet the Freeholders terms of lease extension.

The case was completed in the timescale required and the clients objectives were met in their entirety.